Here’s a Reminder on the Voting Process

PLEASE NOTE: The Fall, 2012 Vote has ended. Look for the next vote, in Mid-April.

The Top 20 Grant Applicants from the Fall Grant Application Period (August 1 – October 31, 2012), as chosen by our Award Panel, will be posted on Monday, January 21, 2013.  Once the Top 20 nominees are posted, voting will begin.

Here’s a reminder on the voting process and how the Fall, 2012 Grant Recipient and Honorable Mentions will be determined.

•    peaChic’s Award Panel determines the Top 20 Grant Applicants for the season.
•    peaChic posts the Top 20 on the peaChic site for voting.
•    The peaChic post and voting will begin Monday, January 21.
•    Each visitor can vote only once per day throughout the voting period.
•    Only unique daily votes will count.
•    If you are one of the Top 20, we encourage you to vote yourself and encourage votes from your own communities.
•    Voting will continue until Monday, January 28, 2013.
•    At the end of the voting period, the applicant with the most votes will be the next peaChic Grant Recipient.
•    The next 9 highest voted for will be our Honorable Mentions.
We are excited to make the announcement of our Fall, Top 20.  We wish all of the finalists the best of luck.
peaChic strives to bring awareness to women-owned and women-focused businesses across the nation.  Please take some time to visit our Top 20 and, of course, VOTE.
Want to get in on the action yourself?  You can apply for the peaChic Grant-Winter 2013 now through January 31, 2013.
All applicants not awarded a peaChic Grant are welcome to re-apply for any future grants.  Each grant period has a different pool of applicants and that produces unique results.


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