Did you know, we have two grant recipients for Winter ’12?

Heather E. Schwartz’s Write in the Middle and Kimberly Gauthier’s Keep the Tail Wagging

Both are enterprising women that we’re thrilled to be involved with and want to tell you a little bit more about them.

All aspiring teen writers can find out more, here. Plus, if you an educator that works with teens, a parent of a teen or you know a teen that enjoys writing, then you should know about Heather E. Schwartz and
her site ‘Write in the Middle



Once there, you’ll see listings for teen writing contests, help for re-writing, a glossary of terms, cool careers and more!


Connect to Write in the Middle on facebook and twitter, too.

Kimberly has been working at a business of her own and has shared that plan with peaChic as she’s progressed in her efforts.  We love seeing start-up businesses grow and really like all the involvement and support.

She has a blogging business and keeps 3 different blogs going at present,

Keep the Tail Wagging,

Adventures in Blogging and Through the Lens of Kimberly Gauthier. Kimberly’s plans on using the grant funds to promote with adoption and help to care for homeless pets. She enjoys being involved with social media to influence and positively effect change in the lives of those her message can reach.

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