Feng shui can be used to improve your wealth, health and happiness. There are two ways to activate good chi, either to increase the amount of good energy that flows through your home and your life by being pro-active, or be decreasing the amount of negative energy in your home and life by being defensive – or both.

If you wanted to improve your wealth prospects, there are specific corners of your home that you could enhance using feng shui enhancers. The first thing you will need to do is to get yourself a compass and a blank piece of paper. Draw a basic floorplan of your home and find eight directions, namely North, South, East, West, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast and Southwest.

  • The South East is the direction of Wealth and Prosperity. Looking at the area of your home that lies on the south-east sector, do you notice anything in particular. If your toilet is in this area, then you may well be flushing your wealth away.
  • The North is the direction of Career Prospect and although not all careers are associated with wealth building, you may be missing advancements in your career due to bad placement of rooms in your home.
  • The South is the direction of Fame and Recognition. If your career and wealth is associated with your dependence on fame, say for example, you are in acting or music, then it may be important to improve this area of your home to enhance your fame prospects and in turn your wealth.

There are many different aspects to take into account, but if you understand the basic principles, you can easily combat bad energy and enhance your ‘good luck’ to achieve your aims.

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