The DUI Attorney Columbia SC Challenge

DUI Attorney Columbia SCWhen it comes to designing a website for a law firm, none prove more challenging than going after the DUI cases. With a DUI Client, the key should be getting important information in the hands of the visitor as quickly as possible. People do not have time to be messing around with flashy animated landing pages or content that is difficult to navigate. Put all the links to the law firm specialties above the fold, giving the visitor the opportunity to find what they need quickly and easily. These common fails listed below are sure to send any visitor running to another DUI Attorney Columbia SC firms website and the lessons learned here can help attorneys everywhere.

Boring Outdated Content
Stale content may be a quite common mistake on professional law firm websites. If the firm’s web site was build many years ago and hasn’t been updated since then, the positioning has since gone stale. Search engines use website ranking and whether or not the site receives regular updates. To rise to the highest SEO rankings, create periodic updates to the site’s content. One of the simplest ways to add fresh content, free blogging packages like WordPress contain add-ons that will pull in relevant content automatically. If nothing else, sporadically post recent court rulings associated with the law firm’s area.

Failing to Offer Appropriate Legal Information
Failing to supply appropriate legal info is another frequent mistake in the design of law firm websites. Individuals watching a professional lawyer website aren’t as inquisitive about the professional person as the legal issues that drove them to search for a lawyer. What individuals actually need is info regarding their particular issue. When a visitor arrives on the lawyer website, the answer to their problem should be in the form of a link that is above the fold and easy to locate. This link should bring the visitor to the page with all the information they will need in order to make the choice of whether or not to choose this law firm.

Failing to Focus on the DUI Client
Lawyer websites typically fail to focus on a particular audience. Attorneys ought to decide what areas of expertise they need to focus on with a website, build the positioning around that particular theme. The the lawyer needs to think about phrases that someone would place into a search engine if they required a professional local lawyer. If the lawyer needs to be the highest DUI professional person in Columbia, South Carolina, he or she needs to make certain that the phrase “Columbia South Carolina DUI lawyer” figures into a specific page on the web site.  For  a great example visit:


Clients Looking for Homes for Sale In Charleston SC Teach us What They’re Looking for

Homes for Sale in Chaleston SCOur marketing and website design for one of the leading real estate websites in the Carolinas has taught us a bunch about what people who are looking for homes for sale in Charleston SC want in a website and the information that is most important to them when doing a preliminary online search. Fulfill these requirements with your Real Estate Website design and look for home sales to increase!

People looking to buy a new home in Charleston usually start their search with a new home community. Established communities in the area may have their own benefits. But, new home communities have been getting very popular with time. When you’re considering buying a new home in Charleston, you need to focus on some important considerations. It’s important to look for some qualities in your new home and location.  So make sure your website design has the following information readily available:

Cleanliness and Hygiene | Shows in the photos you use for the area.

A good community should have clean surroundings including streets, parks, sidewalks etc. It should be surrounded by trees and fresh air. Moreover, cleanliness also tells you a lot about the people living in a community. Professional builders usually take every measure required to keep communities in clean and hygienic conditions.

Recreational spots

A community should have many recreational spots including parks, swings, ponds, gyms, restaurants etc. A community is just a collection of homes where people live and look forward to spending some quality time with neighbors. In the absence of recreational spots, there would be no place for people to hang out.


The area you choose in Charleston should be easily accessible. It should be well connected with railways, airways and major highways. Such communities not only ensure easy accessibility, but also make sure that you are not stuck in traffic jams. Most of the major highways are well connected with Charleston.

Schools, Hospitals etc.

A community should always be near schools, hospitals, shopping complexes and clubs. Families with children would never go with a community which is not in close vicinity of a school. Moreover, it is also important that hospitals and other emergency services are nearby. Shopping complexes and clubs ensure that you do not have to travel long distances for your groceries and other items.

Resale value

A community should have a higher resale value in the Charleston real estate market. The value of your property should keep increasing and you should be able to sell it at a higher rate than what you bought it for. The property should not just be beneficial when you’re living in it, but also when you plan to move out.

When you’re considering buying a home in Charleston, the most important decision you can take is to hire a professional real estate agent. A professional understands the real estate market in Charleston, and suggests some good options according to your needs, requirements and budget. With a professional real estate agent, like one from you don’t have to worry about anything. Almost everything is handled by the experienced professional.

Top 4 Attorney Website Mistakes to Avoid

There are a variety of mistakes un-remarkably created by lawyers in planning their websites. In fact, the initial drafting of this list shot well past twenty mistakes before it became apparent that everything couldn’t be addressed in one article. The subsequent may be a list of the top four mistakes lawyers create with their web sites.

1. Not Owning Website Name
No one aside from the lawyer ought to own the domain address used for a lawyer’s web site. If somebody else owns the domain, the law firm is at their mercy. Law companies ought to own their own domain names and manage them in a way that keeps anyone else from messing with the domain registration. Domain names can be purchased for $10 a year from GoDaddy. There’s no reason to let somebody else own the name.

DUI Attorney Charleston2. Employing a Poor Domain Name
Unless a business firm makes a daily habit of representing comedians, the site name should not be funny. If a lawyer’s name is Jack Murphy, then the domain name is should be accessible, and the law firm ought to use it. If the attorney’s firm is perhaps a group of attorneys whos focused  is on DUI Lawyer Charleston SC, the web address should be something like  or even “” if possible. The selection of a site name for your law practice isn’t the time for being funny, offbeat, or unusual. Be professional, and keep in mind that from a SEO point of view, the name of the location may be a major consider the site’s ranking.

3. Owning Your Hosting Account
Not having possession the hosting account for the law firm’s web site is amazingly common. The web site can actually disappear if the lawyer does not own the name. Any hosting account owned by somebody else can simply disappear or be sabotaged. No law firm’s web site ought to be subject to the plight of another company or person. Attorneys ought to own the hosting account using a service like Hostgator.

4. Avoid Flashy Landing Pages
Flashy homepages are some ways internet designers show off their skills, however they aren’t appreciated by folks looking for information on specific law related issues. The flashy homepage might look nice once it finally finishing loading, however many won’t wait around to see it. Keep in mind the KISS rule – keep it straightforward, stupid. If your homepage employs flashy intro, give the visitor a chance to skip the message and get to the information they desperately need.

Also, on a final note. It is a good idea to use video. Here is a sample of one of our simple yet effective About Us Videos for Attorney Websites:

Internet Challenge – Myrtle Beach Lawyers to Engage Clients on Website

One of the easiest ways to grow your audience is by keeping the existing clients that you have. Rather than simply blasting them with sales flyers each week, consider interacting with them on a personal level. This not only helps to increase buyer confidence, it will make it easier for these loyal customers to tell their family and friends about your business. Consider these simple tips we used on one Myrtle Beach Lawyers website to engage clients on your website when you are looking for new ways to grow your following.

Installing Social Media Feeds
Everyone today is connected to social media in one form or another. Whether they are checking the news fees on Facebook or the popular tweets on Twitter, people today want to get their news fast. Rather than leave your website homepage stale, install a social media plugin that will allow a news feed to run right from your website. This gives you the ability to interact instantly with loyal customers or new clients who found your website and have a question.

Myrtle Beach LawyersThe Power of Live Help
Make it easier for clients to interact with you by installing a free live operator app on your website homepage. Now when a client arrives on your site and has a question, they simply click the live chat button and get to speak with a representative of your company day or night. The advantage your website will have over the competition is they usually shut down during normal business hours. pay an employ or hire a service to monitor the chat and converse with customers. One additional sale or client in the off hours could easily offset any costs to hire a part time operator.  Visit to see live help in action!

Keeping Things Above the Fold
Ask anyone what the biggest challenge they have when it comes to interacting with the owners of a website, they will tell you trying to locate contact information. Many companies place telephone numbers, email addresses, and physical address, deep in contact pages where the visitor must search for the information. The easiest way to engage clients is by making your contact information as readily available as possible. This means placing your address and contact information at the top of the website homepage where it can be seen instantly when a client arrives. This will set the tone for the rest of their visit knowing that you are simply a click or call away.

Take the time to incorporate one or more of these simple techniques for engaging clients, and you turn them into long-term loyal customers who will in turn tell their inner circle about you business too.